The Role of Hand Hygiene in Limiting the Spread of MDROsDate: 05.18.22

  • Describe how MDROs transmits through healthcare facilities.
    • Identify ways that the hands of healthcare personnel (HCP) may be involved in transmission of MDRO.
    • Describe the current state of hand hygiene in the United States.
  • Identify infection prevention and control practices they should implement at their healthcare facilities to prevent MDRO transmission.
    • Define hand hygiene, including preferred methods to perform hand hygiene according to CDC indications.
    • Identify elements of a hand hygiene program that are needed to reduce transmission of MDRO via the hands of HCP.
    • Describe methods to monitor and improve hand hygiene.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary plan with input from multiple healthcare personnel types that address improvements in communication of a patient/resident MDRO status both within their facility and with other facilities and providers.

Dr. Janet Glowicz, PhD, RN

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